Christmas Eve Event for Kids in Camden

Look What The Lord Has Done!

 'Then He took a little child and set him in the midst of them. And when He had taken him in His arms, He said to them,  “Whoever receives one of these little children in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me, receives not Me but Him who sent Me.”' (Mark 9:36-37 NKJV)

Every year around Christmas time, many volunteers come together from many churches and backgrounds to wrap gifts of toys, games, dolls, candies, and so on, for the biggest event of the year: the Christmas Eve Day Event. Others prepare and organize boxes of hats, gloves, scarves, and coats, to warm shivering children in the cold. Still others prepare foods and refreshments, hot dogs cooked on a grille, and hot chocolate drink. Others donate toys. Still others have worked tirelessly several nights out of the year to repair hundreds of bicycles, wagons, wheeled toys, and so on.

A day or two before Christmas Eve day, trucks are loaded with bikes and toys from floor to ceiling. The lead setup team assembles at the ministry building on Christmas Eve day and lines up a huge convoy of trucks and volunteers to get on the road between 6 and 6:30 a.m.

By now, an empty lot has already been picked out before hand as the Lord leads, and a lot plan developed. None of this would have been possible without the Lord Jesus sending wonderful people who worked together to complete His will in such a mission.

If you would like to join us in this ministry, please use the "Contact Us" link button for email and phone information.

Please look at the video below:

Toys given in the "Love of Jesus"

Toys given in the "Love of Jesus"

Christmas Toys for Camden

From start to finish, preparing and giving gifts to those less fortunate in Jesus' name!

"Look What the Lord Has Done" Video

Please watch this video that was made several years ago of a Christmas Eve Event for Kids in Camden.

Christmas Volunteer Guidelines

For Safety and Security


Volunteer Guidelines (VERY IMPORTANT:)

NOTE: The lot location is not to be made “public”, nor is it to be posted online in any form, until Tommy Williams or Dave Prox gives approval

1. Parking instructions:

  • Many of you will likely come to the lot via Kaighn Avenue, as we do for “normal” Saturday ministry. 

  • After you cross Broadway, you will see the back of the lot on your right, past a few buildings. You can park in open parking areas on both sides of Kaighn Ave, or you can park on any available areas around the lot. 

2. As you’ll see below, we need volunteers for several areas of this event. Let us know up front if you can stay all day, and what you would like to do. 

3. Please dress in warm clothing for this outside event. Wear warm boots and socks, and dress in layers. It is much better for you to have to shed clothes than for you to have to leave early because you did not properly prepare for the weather. 

4. We need volunteers for Christmas Eve for the early set-up crew:

  • 6:00 am – Set-up crew convoying from ministry building (601 W Chapel Avenue, Cherry Hill) to arrive at the lot by 6:30 am. You can meet the team directly on the lot at 6:30 am, if you prefer.

  • Dress to work – setting fences, setting up tables, whatever needs to be done. Do not offload bikes, gifts, hats, gloves etc until the fencing and gates are set up and closed in, there are guards at the gates and the FINAL ORDER TO UNLOAD IS GIVEN BY EITHER DAVE PROX OR TOMMY WILLIAMS. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS ANYONE TO UNLOAD ANYTHING UNTIL THE FINAL ORDER IS GIVEN

  • 7:00 am – 8:30 am – Toy trucks and bike trucks to arrive by 7:00 am. Unloading crew at the lot in Camden (see address above If you arrive early, please don’t park in areas which would interfere with the offloading of items from the bike trucks, which will need to drive onto the lot).

  • Unload bikes, set up stations and secure lot 

  • Do not offload bikes, gifts, hats, gloves, stockings, etc. until the fencing and gates are set up and closed in, there are guards at the gates and the FINAL ORDER TO UNLOAD IS GIVEN BY EITHER DAVE PROX OR TOMMY WILLIAMS. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS ANYONE TO UNLOAD ANYTHING UNTIL THE FINAL ORDER IS GIVEN. • Volunteers/Sponsors during arrival of families and distribution of gifts 

  • The first wave of sponsors should arrive by 8:00 am. Please allow time to park and walk to the spot where the large Jesus truck is, in the middle of the lot. We would like your help in setting up the lot, and we will brief sponsors and pray at 8:30 am. We’d love to have a second group of volunteers come at around 11:00 am to make sure we have enough help through the rest of the event and to help take everything down. 

  • Once we open the lot for our guests, we’ll need each volunteer/sponsor to follow these guidelines carefully: 

  • If you are at any station, please do not abandon that station without getting a replacement for your position. Please give notice to your section leader at least 10 minutes before you intend to leave, so that we can put another volunteer into your role. You can do more than one job on Christmas Eve (and we would encourage you to take a family through line, if you’ve never had the opportunity to do this before), but you must coordinate with other volunteers, your station’s team leader or Nadine Plunkett to cover your station in your absence. It is also critical that we keep coverage at all of the gates into and through our lot, so if you need to take a break,

Christmas Eve 2018 New Covenant Guidelines for Volunteers / Sponsors

1. Thanks for volunteering, and supporting this ministry in the name of Jesus, the only name by which a person can be saved. During the time you spend with your guests, we encourage you to represent and share Jesus and His love. Jesus is the only name we uplift. 

2. As a volunteer, you are a Sponsor, and will be wearing a special lanyard around your neck. This is the only way we have to identify you as a sponsor or volunteer. When it is time for you to leave to go home, please be sure to return your lanyard to Jimmy Ziegler (at the sound truck) or Nadine Plunkett. Do not give your lanyard to any other volunteer, since there will be people from the town who will try to get onto the lot without proper authorization. It is also important that you never leave your station unattended. If you are giving out gifts, or guarding one of the gates, it is critical that you do not leave your station until you have a replacement to take over your spot. Please give notice to your section leader at least 10 minutes before you intend to leave, so that we can put another volunteer into your role. Please see your station’s team leader, or Nadine, if you have trouble finding your replacement. 

All volunteers will have a lanyard, but the Ministry leaders will be wearing orange vests, so that you can go to them with questions or issues. 

This year, Nadine Plunkett has again agreed to be the Volunteer Coordinator, so she will be briefing the volunteers on their responsibilities and overseeing all volunteer assignments. Please see her with any questions about your assignment. 

When you are given an assignment, please do not leave that assignment without telling Nadine first, even if someone else tries to direct you to a new ministry area. Again, please give us notice at least 10 minutes before you leave, so that we can find your replacement. Nadine is our best source of information for where volunteers are needed, and wants to be sure all areas are covered. 

3. Every person going through the trucks, bike yard, and gift area MUST HAVE A SPONSOR. Please pay attention to this rule – every child gets his/her own sponsor. You may not sponsor more than one child at a time (e.g. a family of 6 must have 4 sponsors, if there are 4 children.) This is the ideal; however, as the day progresses, if we have volunteers or sponsors leaving, and we become short on volunteers, the rules may change, so please be flexible. 

Please read this important information about something new this year: 

• In cases where a child is unable to come to the lot on Christmas Eve, Tommy and Peter will provide the sponsor with a card with information about the approved gifts for the child(ren) represented by that card. When you go through each section on the lot, please show the card to the workers giving out the gifts, and they will help you select gifts for the approved children. After you go through the stocking section, please give the card to one of Santa’s helpers, and they will destroy it. 

• Here’s an example:

    A family on the lot has 1 teen, 1 baby and 3 kids of elementary age. There is 1 sick child at home, also of elementary age. The children on the lot will proceed through the line to receive their gifts, and the lead sponsor for the family will receive a card for the child left at home, and it would be marked as follows: 

Extra gifts 

Toy ___1____ 

Bike ___1____ 

Parent Gift ___0____ 

Stocking ___1____ 

4. Here are the stations you’ll visit with your sponsored child:

a. We will have two Food Courts, one at the start of the line, and one on the other side of the lot. Families will be able to enjoy hot cocoa and some treats while they wait in line. For people working in a station, the food court volunteers will circulate with hot cocoa and food throughout the day.

b. We will have two sets of gift trucks, one set controlled by Rob Baffic and the other controlled by Bill Jamison. Having two separate sets of toy trucks greatly reduces the amount of time our guests (and sponsors) are waiting in line. We’d like the sponsors and parents to give the child to a toy truck worker and then immediately go through to the back of the toy truck. This will allow the toy truck worker to help the child pick a toy, without the assistance of the parent. For children under 5, the mother may stay with the child, but we’re really trying to eliminate some of the crowds which can build in that truck, and some of the delays which can be caused by parents slowing down the process of selecting a toy. With love, we’ll try to move all of our guests through the gift truck as quickly as possible. 

c. When you exit your toy truck, you will be given a trash bag to help the child carry the toy and other items he/she will receive. You will go next to the stuffed animal truck, where your sponsored child will be given a stuffed animal. Again, we’re trying to reduce the time it can take for the child to choose his own stuffed animal. 

d. When you get to the bike yard, have your child pick a bike, and if adjustments are needed to the bike, please take it to the bike maintenance area within the bike lot. It is likely that the family will get separated going through the toy truck and bike yard, so please regroup the family in the bike yard before exiting into the next station area. 

e. Proceed as directed through one of the two lines for parent gifts, hats, gloves and socks (as our supply lasts). Sponsors, please identify yourselves, and try to keep every member of that family on one side of the tables, so that you can finish in this section at the same time. Please keep the bikes to the outside, so that the children can see the tables. 

f. After that, you will go to see Santa to receive a Christmas stocking, and will then proceed past the Communion station (where the parent may wish to stop). You will then exit the fenced in area and will enter the food court for a hot dog, hot cocoa and other treats. 

g. When going through the sections, you, as the sponsor, will help carry the gifts and bike to the second food court. Please keep the family together, as you can not go back through the gates between each area. 

h. Before you escort your assigned family back to their home, please keep your group of sponsors together too. Please do not split up from your group of sponsors as you walk the family back to their home, as we want you to have the company of the other sponsors as you return back to the lot for your next assigned family. This is for your safety. 

5. Return to the “assignment area”, at the Jesus sound truck near the front gate, to get your next family. 

6. Dress for the weather. Please wear warm boots and clothes. It is better to shed clothes if overdressed, than to have to quit because you are too cold. Come prepared to be outside all day, regardless of the weather conditions. Once on site, porta-potties will be the only bathrooms available, so please plan for that. 

7. Enjoy yourself; be kind, loving, and gentle. You are an Ambassador of Jesus Christ. 

8. After the children in the neighborhood homes have been through line, we will open up the line to other people who come directly to the lot. 

9. See Tommy Williams for all controversial questions concerning families going through or trying to get in without sponsors. (In the event Tommy is not available due to his condition, then and only then see Dave Prox.)

10. At best, this day is Holy Spirit organized chaos. We depend heavily on the Holy Spirit to accomplish this celebration of Christmas. Pray continuously and be listening to what the Holy Spirit is telling you to do. This is a day of Jesus giving gifts, salvation, and blessings for all – in the end we are giving gifts from Christ to Christ.

Matt: 25:40 says: “when you do it unto the least of these, you do it unto me.” 

Folks, it doesn’t get any better than that. May your joy be full. God Bless you!!